Nonviolent Communication
Sylvie Hörning, Basel

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Sessions can be held via Skype or Zoom

NVC for individuals, couples and families

Do you experience moments of stress and tension with your partner or family members. Do you long for ease and flow in your relationships?

I offer individual sessions to disentangle a situation and get an overview of what is going on in order to take the next step from a place of being focused and centered.

I also offer made to measure NVC programms.

Financial investment for adults

First session: 60.-CHF (ca. 1 hour)
Each further session lasts 90 minutes : 160.- CHF
Package with 10 sessions lasting 90 min each: 1450.- CHF

For a sessions with 2 adults à 90 Minuten: 190.- CHF
Package with 10 sessions lasting 90 min each: 1700.- CHF

Financial investment for children:

1st session: 40.-CHF (ca. 1 hour)
pro Begleitung à 45 Minuten für Ein Kind: 60.- CHF
10er Abo à 45 Minuten, 1 Jahr gültig: 550.- CHF

Each further session lasts 45 minutes and costs 60.- CHF
Package with 10 sessions lasting 45 min each: 550.- CHF