Nonviolent Communication
Sylvie Hörning, Basel

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Handzeichnung mit Giraffen

Giraffes choose the slow motion option


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Self Empathy on the Magic Field.
On these two mornings we give ourselves empathy for situations that trigger stress, anger, frustration... in us.

In doing so, the colourful floor mat, which we call "magic field", supports us to kinesthetically grasp the situation and divide it into the individual steps of Nonviolent Communication.

Info: minimum 3 participants, having attended an introductory course with a GFK trainer is recommended.
Times: 09:00-12:00
Location: Project Interim, Röschenzerstrasse 7, Basel
Costs: 200.- per person for both mornings incl. break snacks
The financial aspect should never be a hurdle, I ask you to contact me in order to dance around our needs and then find creative solutions together.

There is also the possibility for someone to co-finance a "curso sospeso" according to the Neapolitan tradition of "caffè sospeso".
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Dates/Times: Xx 0. Xxx, 00:00-00:00Callimani Forum, Amerikanerstrasse 32A, 4102 Binningen
Cost: 0.-
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